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A log mysteriously fell from a cliff and killed an Ohio mother. It was the work of teenagers, authorities say.

Victoria Schafer, 44, a mother of four, was taking photographs at an Ohio state park when a log that fell from a cliff landed on her and killed her. Read more

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At Japan's annual dolphin hunt, a struggle between local traditions and global anger

In the Japanese town of Taiji, dolphins are herded into a cove. Some are killed for meat. Others are caught alive to sell. Read more

Photos: Scenes from the queen's speech to Britain's Parliament

LONDON (AP) — Brexit divorce talks in Brussels are making slow progress, both sides said Monday as some EU ministers said they could even spill into next week. Across the Channel, Britain dragged out a horse-drawn carriage and a diamond-encrusted cr… Read more

Jayme Closs: 1 year after abduction, I'm feeling stronger

The family attorney says Jayme, who has celebrated her 14th birthday, inherited her strength and soft heart from her father and mother. Read more

Family: Cop who killed black woman in her Texas home should be fired, charged

"Why this man is not in handcuffs is a source of continued agitation for this family and for this community," family attorney Lee Merritt said at a news conference in Dallas on Monday. Read more