Dear back-to-school parents, it’s here. Maybe you’re thrilled for your kids to head back to school, or maybe it makes you sad to see another summer fade away. Regardless of which team you root for (team school for me!), here’s a little something to get you through.

May your coffee be strong and your patience stronger.

May your kids find their shoes before the school bell rings.

May they rise before their alarm clocks, eager to start their day.

May they love every lunch you make even when it’s peanut butter. Again.

May the math problems be solvable.

May your backs stay limber as you sit to watch game after game and activity after activity.

May the tissues stay ready when life doesn’t go as planned.

May you never lose your voice from cheering so loudly.

May the stains on their new jeans come out after the first wash.

May their shoes last at least six months.

May their winter coats fit another year.

May the lice and the flu bugs stay far (far) away.

May you answer the PTO email fast enough to check “napkins” on the donate sheet.

May the tears be small (from them and you) as the first day of kindergarten begins and the last day of senior year ends.

May the cookie and wrapping paper and candle sales stay bounty, all to support a thriving school.

May your nerves stay intact when you’re asked to volunteer or donate (again).

May the pencils stay sharp and their brains, too.

May their self-confidence soar and their pride stay humble.

May every parent-teacher conference produce successful results.

May your kids keep a listening ear, an open mind, a careful tongue, a confident soul. (And parents, too.)

May you soak up every moment of this year, even when it’s hard, even when it’s exhausting, because you know just how fast it goes.

Have a wonderful school year! You’ve got this, friend. Your kids do, too.