My thanks to the Hub for not being a science-denier like the Republican Party, by printing evidence-based articles about the truth of our climate crisis.

Most recent was the July 16 article about how Nebraska, in 80 years or less, will suffer average summer temperatures like those we currently see along our border with Mexico.

Currently, Nebraska’s average temperature is 84.4 degrees. In our children’s lifetime that average temperature will be 99.1 degrees. I presume that will mean our children and grandchildren also will have to worry about prairie wildfires, just like our friends and neighbors on the West Coast.

Of course, our climate crisis also means the Great Flood of 2019 was not a fluke, but the new normal. Fortunately, we do have one political party that believes in science and is ready to implement a green new economy that will create high-paying jobs and protect our only home, Planet Earth, for future generations to enjoy.

In the next election, vote for science and for a healthy environment, Vote Blue.

Brad Stephan, Kearney