Recently my family and I were out on a leisurely bike ride in our community. These August evenings have been perfect for recreation and family activities. They’re not too hot and not too cold.

This evening we decided to take 11th Street over to Yanney Heritage Park. It’s one of our favorite parks. On the way there, we attempted to cross at the pedestrian crossing at Kenwood Elementary School. My son pushed the button and we waited for the red light for the cars to stop. However, the three cars that approached the crossing during the light did not even stop. They blew right through it.

Later on in the ride, I decided to ride my bike in the street. Technically, this is the legal thing to do. Two different vehicles nearly hit me from behind, not giving me any space at all. One car I could almost touch.

Later on, I saw another car blow right through the pedestrian crossing at Yanney Park and nearly hit two other pedestrians. In every situation, the pedestrians were making the correct choices, being safe and following the law. In every situation the drivers were not paying attention and were actively breaking the law. That is six different drivers within a 20- to 30-minute time frame.

I spoke out about this on my Facebook page. The response I received was a resounding: Yes! This is a major problem. There were calls for additional police force. There were calls for changes to the traffic structure. I don’t know what the solution is exactly, but one thing I do know: Drivers need to pay attention.

What will more stoplights do if people are just blowing through them anyway? The road is narrow and we can’t add bike lanes. We can’t add a turn lane. But the one thing that we can do is pay attention while we are driving and follow traffic laws. Paying attention could save a person’s life.

Be a hero. Save a life. Pay attention while driving.

Savannah Lyon, Kearney

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