“Gina recalled the memories of her father who was tough as nails, yet shed tears when his favorite cow died of old age. She wrote of her 8-year-old son who once spent the night in their barn to try to help nurse an injured calf back to health … “These words were taken from a Fox news article, ‘Sen. Deb Fischer: America’s beef producers are not villains. Here’s what anti-meat advocates just don’t get.”

Since Gina shared this story of her family having such love and compassion for their animals, wouldn’t it be morally consistent for them to learn the love of their animals does not have to end the day these animals are considered a financial product when taken away to the slaughterhouse?

Why is the non-farming part of society allowing, and arguably forcing through supply and demand, farmers to create this trust-loving relationship between them and their livestock and then they have to go through the mental anguish when they betray this trust by taking their animals to the slaughterhouses?

This is not good for farmers or the sentient beings we so easily are able to label as “farmed animals.” I have a heart not just for the animals, but for the farmers. If we are about truly helping our Nebraska farmers, I believe the direction needs to go toward having conversations about the scientific measurable facts and doing the right thing today and for future generations.

We the people and governments could help in this transition to sustainable farming. How? There is an online supportive program called Transfarmation that will help farmers transition from animal agriculture to plant agriculture at https://thetransfarmationproject.org/.

You also can financially support Agriculture Fairness Alliance, which is a lobbyist group trying to get government to financially help farmers transition to sustainable farming at https://afa.farm/index.

Robert Rieck, Lincoln