Last Saturday’s roof replacement project involved several lessons that have little to do with roofing. The first one was patience. My initial goal was replacing roof peak trim above my bedroom window that came loose on Super Bowl Sunday.

I left voice mails with several businesses, but none called back. Then I spotted a local roofing company pickup in a neighbor’s driveway.

It took a few months for that roofer’s estimator and my insurance company’s adjuster to survey my house and agree that, after 2019 hail season, the roof last done after a 2002 storm dropped baseball-size hail and the original 1992 windows should be replaced.

Lesson 2: Flexibility

Making appointments with home service providers is difficult because I live alone and work full time. Their uncertainties include weather, emergency calls and projects that take longer than expected.

Last week, the roof replacement plan jumped from Wednesday to Friday to Sunday to Saturday. Finally landing on a day off was great. I was home to ask and answer questions, and to assure my kitty Tas that the constant pounding above us wasn’t someone breaking into our house.

I settled in for a day of chores, reading and Husker football. I lost the TV signal early in the third quarter of the Nebraska-Purdue football game when the dish was moved to shingle the area under and around it. By then, I’d seen as much of the game as I could stand.

The roofing contractor-owner said the “arm” holding the dish in place was corroded and missing screws. His crew would put it back in place and try to get it working, but major repairs were needed.

I called my TV service’s 800 number and was told a repair person couldn’t come until Tuesday. That seemed like a long time, especially later Saturday afternoon when putting the old dish in its old place didn’t restore reception.

Lesson 3: Self-awareness

I’m not proud to say that three days without home TV service seemed overwhelming. I could fill Saturday night and Sunday morning with chores, errands, reading and church.

But what about my Sunday afternoon plans to sit in my recliner with Tas on my lap to watch NFL football — Minnesota-Kansas City in particular? The halftime walk on my list wouldn’t fill Sunday afternoon and evening.

Lesson 4: Buy local

The roofing contractor-owner and I had talked earlier Saturday about my NFL Sunday plans. So when he returned to see the finished roof and haul away the trash trailer, he asked about my TV reception.

Then he called another Kearney businessman, a satellite systems specialist who is his go-to guy when there are issues with roof-mounted dishes after a roofing job. A Sunday morning house call was set, so I canceled the Tuesday appointment.

The Kearney specialist said my dish was so old he couldn’t get parts. He installed a new dish and a correct cable for the inside TV receiver to get high-definition images from HD channels.

I know TV isn’t the worst possible addiction and that a few TV-free days would not have been the worst thing to ever happen to me. Still, I’m grateful for great customer service from two local businesses that allowed me to sit beneath a new roof and enjoy a stress-free Sunday afternoon.

Well, except for the Minnesota-Kansas City barn burner decided by a field goal as time ran out. How about those Chiefs? Now in HD.

Lori Potter is a Hub staff writer.