I want low-income seniors age 60 and older to learn about a program that can help them eat better and stretch their income.

Throughout its years of operation, the Supplemental Food Program has come to the aid of many seniors in need of supplemental food and nutrition.

The CSFP provides services through Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska (Mid) to low-income seniors 60 years of age or older throughout the program’s 27-county service area in south-central Nebraska.

The program focuses primarily on increasing access for senior citizens to healthy and nutritious food items such as milk, cheese, hot and cold cereals, juice, vegetables, fruit, meat, peanut butter, dry beans, rice and pasta. CSFP provides two-month packages of USDA foods to eligible seniors.

“With the help of CSFP,” said one client, “I am now eating a much healthier diet with nutritional foods. Thanks to these foods, my health has improved. I now don’t have to see the doctor as often and I also have extra money to help me out.”

Not only does CSFP improve the health and wellness of its clients through increased food access and improved nutrition, it also helps clients financially by easing the burden of grocery and medical costs due to poor nutrition.

In order to be eligible for Mid’s CSFP, participants must be 60 years of age or older living at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty line. Guidelines are published annually by the Department of Health and Human Services. If you or anyone you know needs services and are interested in receiving CSFP resources, please call me or Rae Lynn at 308-865-8683 ext. 2 or visit our website at www.communityactionmidne.com and we will gladly help you.

Arica Zambrano, Kearney