I have a question for Hub readers: Is it only me who is upset, annoyed or just plain angry that the Buffalo County assessor keeps increasing my property valuation (to increase taxes) every year without justification?

This year my valuation increased by 30 percent. I don’t think this is fair at all. Last year my realtor did a market analysis to justify the value of my property — which also increased last year by 30 percent — so I could protest. It was a “Why me?” scenario.

The assessor’s staff complained that they could not handle the volume of protests and had to hire arbitrators to help them fix the mess they had caused in the first place. Did we taxpayers also have to pay for the expense of bringing in these outside arbitrators?

I wish I knew how to change this unfounded property valuation because it keeps happening every year.

The assessor has made it easier to protest by putting a whole wall of protest documents across the hall from her desk. Go figure.

Perhaps our assessor should help our state legislators, who could not get more tax revenue through law, to just raise the value of whatever they tax.

Dennis LaFollette, Kearney