Girl Scouts is debuting 42 new badges to inspire girls to make their own choices about what they’ll experience as Girl Scouts and how those experiences will help them to influence the world. Girl Scouts always has been about nurturing the leadership abilities in individual girls and emboldening them to explore new things.

With the new badges, girls will set off on new adventures exploring the earth and space, along with science, cybersecurity and coding.

If those sound like areas of high interest for boys, you’d be correct, but Girl Scouts hopes to open the door for its members so they can make the same choices as boys about what interests them and where their skills may take them.

Girl Scouts are excited about the new directions and are launching their own programs to open the doors for exploration in science and technology.

According to Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska, Hannah Sims of North Platte attended a space science workshop at NASA. After returning home Sims organized an astronomy club to give other girls the opportunity to explore space science.

Johanna Epp of Elkhorn created an event introducing young women to technology career paths because she was concerned about the lack of women working in technology fields.

Youths are interested in science and technology, regardless of gender. What better setting to nurture that interest and help girls explore it than through Girl Scouts?

Girls and their parents have a lot of decisions to make as the fall semester of school approaches. We hope they look into Girl Scouts as a part of their extracurricular activities. They will meet new friends, gain confidence and achieve goals. Just as important, they’ll be opening doors to their future. Who will they become? What will they achieve? What legacy will they leave?

Girl Scouts wants to help them become all they can be.