When I started writing letters to the editor years ago to help others like me who were fighting drug addiction, I learned that many went for help only when the law made them. It’s been a long time since the Lord found me and brought me to where I am today. Change isn’t something you can take lightly, but God makes a way for us all to move forward to be free from the curse that can last a lifetime — if we let it.

Each year we hear more about children who are falling into the trap that will ruin their lives. There are people who can help them, but unless they are committed to saving their lives, they never will beat their addiction.

I remember the trials and mistreatment I experienced as a child. Today it’s even worse, with bullying on the internet. If I could change something, it would be to stop the hate.

Also, I would help the military personnel who return home with deep mental and emotional scars. Doctors try to treat their inner wounds with pills rather than treating the real problem, which is harder.

I traveled to Kearney awhile back to see an old friend. When I saw her face I was amazed. Just as God inspired me to change, he had kept my friend alive so she could fight her addiction. With his help we all have the power to fight the good fight and change.

We must not give up on ourselves.

Peace and grace be with you all as you fight the curse of drug and alcohol addiction. Travel the right path and keep God at your side.

Roger Mattson, Courtland, Kan.