THE AUTHOR is a spokesperson for the Save Our Air Medical Resources (SOAR) Campaign.

The Kearney Hub’s recent reporting of an additional seven coronavirus cases in the Two Rivers Public Health Department Area is a reminder that this pandemic is far from over. Luckily, air medical providers are among the many brave health care workers on the front lines who remain vigilant in the battle against COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, air ambulances have been transporting patients from rural Nebraska where medical facilities are understaffed, to better-resourced hospitals in larger cities like Omaha and Lincoln.

Air ambulances essentially are flying emergency rooms, equipped with life-saving equipment like ventilators and trained medical staff. They provide swift transport to the nearest hospital while treating the patient in the air, improving health outcomes.

Air ambulances provide life-saving services to patients and support for hospital workers. Their role in the frontline efforts against COVID-19 cannot be overlooked.

Carter Johnson, Washington, D.C.