Because I have relatives in Kearney, I have been through various parts of the city and found signage, at least the majority of the time, to be good, clear, tasteful and most important to me, legible and not impairing traffic visibility. I was a bit surprised, amused and a bit mystified when I read the Hub news article, “New Kearney sign code goes into effect Oct. 1.” The Kearney City Council on Aug 13 voted 4-0 to approve a new sign ordinance covering a broad range of issues, including where signs can be placed, how large they can be, when permits are necessary to use signs, and qualifications for sign installers.

So far so good, but then I read the fine print. The ordinance has 56 names for various sign types. I thought, “Fifty-six types of signs? Is that overkill?

I propose perhaps 25 requirements with No. 25 as an option for a waiver for special cases.

James Marples, Longview, Texas

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