In a June 20 letter to the editor, Stan Dart makes one point I agree with in his analysis of a June 18 Hub Opinion on climate change, i.e. “Climate change is not political.” Meaning, I assume, that the climate change debate is too important to be overshadowed by politics.

The fact is that we already know that the false catastrophic predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are driven by their political and economic agendas.

Before buying into ideas like the Green New Deal, which is both political and economic, we need to know what science, without an agenda, tells us about the fundamental issue. To what extent is our current and future climate affected by human activities (primarily the production of CO²).

We already know the answer to this because a group of distinguished scientists (Nongovernmental International Panel of Climate Change), not beholden to government, published their Report on Scientific Consensus — Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming — the full report is online.

The NIPCC exposes the false postulates of IPCC including:

1) Neither the magnitude or rate of warming (1970-2000) lay outside natural variability.

2) Specific forecasts by their climate models have been proven false by real world data, i.e. there has been no global warming since 2000 (see Roy Spencer) and weather events, including hurricanes and drought, have not become more frequent and severe.

3) IPCC summary statements often ignore their own scientists by altering their conclusions (change the word might to will).

4) Their GCMs overestimate the role of CO² and discount the effects of solar variability.

5) The IPCC’s mantra that their “science” is settled because there is a consensus is ludicrous. Just ask Galileo when he was alone with his evidence showing the Earth was not the center of our solar system.

Marvin Glasser, Kearney