After reading the Kearney Hub article,“It’s just like driving: KHS senior gets pilot’s license at 18,” I certainly can relate to Alexa Barth’s joy of flying. I have family in Kearney and took my first flying lesson in Nebraska. My instructor used a Cessna 172, the same model in which Alexa flew in her first lesson.

My late dad had worked for decades at Cessna’s factory in Wichita, Kan., and he had helped manufacture many, if not most, of the 172s that Cessna made. I vividly recall the joy of piloting that plane over the Nebraska landscape. I could look down and see Interstate 80, where I had driven my car just minutes earlier.

Even on my first lesson, my instructor let me “take the wheel.” It was exciting to learn to “push forward” or “pull back” to descend or climb. I agree with Miss Barth, who said, “It’s like driving a car.” Plus, I think it gives a person extra freedom you can’t experience any other way. I congratulate her for many more happy and safe flights ahead.

James A. Marples, Longview, Texas