It was difficult not to miss all the hoopla Wednesday regarding Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, but it’s the post-spin among the news commentators on both sides of the aisle that is concerning.

As I was flipping through the channels Wednesday night, a number of the pundits reported that Mueller had asked 200 times for questions to be repeated. Then the commentary would invariably turn to concerns over Mueller’s disinterest, his lack of focus and preparation, his befuddlement. Not so. Mueller clearly suffers hearing loss.

What a shame that no one seemed to pick up on that. Worse is the media’s interpretation that his asking for questions to be repeated somehow signified mental decline.

One can only imagine the acoustics in that room. Add to that, the style of questioning among many: heads down, reading lengthy prepared text in monotone. Coughing, whispering, paper rustling all in background.

It’s too bad arrangements weren’t made beforehand that would have made captioning available for the poor man. This, of course, makes the best argument for installing hearing loops in all public spaces.

Carol S. Lomicky, Kearney

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