After reading the article in Friday’s Hub, “Walmart introduces new gun restrictions, but will they help?” regarding Walmart’s decision to discontinue sales of certain ammunition and request that gun owners no longer openly carry guns in their stores, I can think only that this is simply an attempt at aggrandizement.

With the possible exception of Texas, the open carrying of firearms has not been a problem.

There are several states where open carry of firearms is lawful. Our own state of Nebraska is included.

Let’s not encourage the practice or the supposed problem which does not exist by making widespread coverage and attention to this simply ridiculous action by them.

This announcement by Walmart — and other similar announcements by Dick’s Sporting Goods, Starbucks, Target, Wendy’s and Kroger — is nothing more than a feel-good reaction and/or “something needs to be done” solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Harold Cepel, Gibbon