I was so happy to read in the Jan. 10 Hub that the Kearney Area Animal Shelter is offering its first low-cost spay and neuter clinic. This is the first important step to reducing the number of kittens born, so many each year that the animal shelters are overwhelmed with trying to care for them and find homes.

Many thanks to the veterinarians, their staffs and all others who will be working to make this endeavor a success. Thanks also to the caring people at the Kearney Area Animal Shelter for organizing this event. It is very necessary.

In Nebraska, most cats will have two litters a year — one in May and another in late summer or early fall. Some kittens will even be born in October and they will not be very big by the time cold weather hits. They suffer greatly, if they live.

In 2012, I founded Holllyjean’s Hope Cat Spaying to help the unowned cats of my small hometown. Although small, our motto is, “Every spay is a victory.”

For every female we spay, that will prevent eight to 10 kittens from being born that year. We also neuter males, which cuts down on the vicious fights between the males that often result in painful and infected wounds.

I have witnessed several miracles in my work trapping the often semi-wild cats. By a “miracle” I mean that the cat you want goes into the live trap of his own accord while several others are circling the trap.

May I also offer that the 18-gallon plastic totes work well for winter shelters for unowned cats. Just cut a hole just large enough for a cat to enter, put some straw in it, and the cat is cozy.

Kearney is progressive and compassionate. I believe that in the future people who don’t even own cats may well step up to offer help with spaying pets for people who may not be able to afford the fee.

Valerie Vierk, Ravenna