Here’s a possibly humorous poem about the coronavirus situation. Actually I wrote these words in a song. Readers might possibly enjoy.

Shut in Every Day

We began the Beguine with this COVID-19

But I’m getting really sick of this dance.

It’s been steppin’ on my toes and as far as that goes

I don’t want to give it even one more chance.

I hope you understand I have nothin’ ’gainst this band

But the music’s really gonna have to stop.

I can’t go another round with this unrelenting sound,

’cause it’s making both my ears just wanna pop!

It’s hard to mask my feeling, I’m about to hit the ceiling

With this “shelter in place” and “wash with soap.”

When I can’t go see my friend ’til this all comes to an end,

It doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for hope.

We gotta stay here in this house, don’t touch the children or your spouse,

Just keep away from others all the time,

remaining in compliance, follow health concerns and science,

that’s advice we hear for this new paradigm.

Can we live our lives this way, being shut in every day,

Keeping friends away? It’s not for me to say, but this is really not O.K.

I feel like an only child whose parents moved away a few months ago.

My job, you say is not essential, but without it my life has less potential.

I can’t pay for pills, buy my food or pay my bills.

It causes me to feel inconsequential.

But all songs have an end and I’m tellin’ you, my friend,

This one’s gone on long enough to be complete.

If I can have my way it won’t last another day

And I surely hope it doesn’t say: “Repeat!”

No Da Capo, just STOP-O!

Fran Wilson, Kearney