In a recent letter to the Hub, a gentleman from Texas complained that the Classic Car Collection in Kearney is fine, but he questions if it is worth a trip here just for that. And he said he is an “avid collector.”

May I point out that we in this area are blessed with several fine museums, several of which have large collections of antique and classic cars that surely would be of interest to a car buff.

Of course, the Classic Car Collection is outstanding with the beauty and attractiveness of its automobiles. The cars are well lit and they shine brightly in their original beauty for all to appreciate.

It reminds people about auto showrooms of the past. We all sure hope that the collection will not be broken up and gone. It surely is worth seeing and supporting.

But if the fan wants to see more cars — and trucks, motorcycles, tractors and farm implements — a short ride southeast of Kearney to Minden will bring them to the Harold Warp Pioneer Village where there are some 350 cars in four buildings for all to see. As a volunteer, my job is to keep them dusted, so I get to enjoy them year-round.

Other museums with large antique car collections include the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, the Nebraska Prairie Museum of Holdrege, Dawson County Museum in Lexington, the display of military vehicles in Lexington, the Plainsman Museum in Aurora and the Lincoln County Museum of North Platte.

Of course, all of these museums have many other interesting exhibits to enjoy and a recent front page article in the Hub highlighted these various places and others to see.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So we are not isolated as far as interesting places to visit, and there are plenty of old cars in particular. One could plan a vacation just touring these places in the south-central Nebraska area. Hey, that’s an idea!

Dan Frizane, Minden