President Trump’s disregard for the rules of our nation is deeply concerning. As a Republican I’m appalled at the president’s actions and believe something must be done. Being the leader of the free world isn’t an easy job. It comes with a number of expectations, including and especially upholding the values that America has stood for since our founding.

But to that end, the president has failed us.

The president’s continued abuses of power must come to an end. His willingness to accept foreign interference in our elections, on top of his disregard for the legal institutions that hold the executive branch accountable, have led him to the situation he finds himself in today. He is entirely deserving of the current investigations into the corrupt practices of his administration, and I hope that Congress will hold firm in its obligation to see the inquiry through.

Congress seems to be our only hope. Without our representatives in Washington stepping in to make sure that the rules are followed — and the appropriate actors are held accountable — I foresee a constitutional crisis that will rock our nation. No one wants this to happen, certainly not the Republican Party that has long stood behind our Constitution and its founding principles.

Larry Johnson, Omaha

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