One of the toughest parts of farming is coming to grips with how little you actually control in your business. Weather, markets and inputs are all factors beyond farmers’ control. To succeed in this line of work, you learn to patiently deal with it all in stride. And I have.

However, 2019 has been a challenge. Between bad weather, trade disruptions and baffling decisions on biofuels, my patience is running really low. The final straw was President Trump’s recent decision to allow big oil companies to waive their legal requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard. As a farmer who listened to the president’s profound support for the American farmer and ethanol just a few months ago at the Council Bluffs rally, I find this decision outrageous.

President Trump says he’s got our backs and that we’re patriots with unending support for him. While that may be true with some, I’d describe myself as a patriot with dwindling patience and faith in the president. In a year so full of uncertainty and endless hurdles, rural America needs the president to back up all his talk about farmers, not add to the hardships.

Control is a funny thing. We worry about the things we can’t control and fixate on things we can. Right now, I’m fixated on getting better policy decisions out of the White House. Agriculture needs sound, stable policies right now.

The future is hard to predict. Come November 2020 my ballet will be cast for whomever can provide consistency.

Andy Jobman, Gothenburg

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