In the front of my Bible I have an article dated Oct. 26, 1998. Its title is “He’s Not In Hell.” Even though it was written more than 20 years ago, with all the prejudices that continue to plague our society, I think it still speaks volumes:

“I cannot comprehend the hatred and fear in the hearts of people who would picket or make such outlandish comments about an innocent young man’s funeral after a horrible death because of his homosexuality.

“Do they actually think for a second this is something Jesus would do or condone? Or that God would damn a kind man to eternal hell simply because of the sexual preference with which he was born? (In my opinion, I don’t think so.)

“Matthew Shepherd is not in hell. Contrary to what those pickets (and others) suggest. He escaped a hell born out of the evil borne out of such fear and hatred. Those who perpetuate such vain intolerance are the ones who seem to have lost their souls.”

I believe the passage of time has not helped our thinking all that much.

The Rev. Bob Berlie, Holdrege

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