At the hearing on Bluestem Sandhill’s conditional use permit to build the BSH Kilgore Wind Farm between Kilgore and Nenzel, Peggy Marsh offered testimony for the “experiment” of 30 wind turbines.

Kilgore and Nenzel are to be that experiment, what proponents say is an “opportunity” to see whether the wind farm will work in Cherry County because the turbines are “very, very small in number compared to Cherry County’s wind investors. They claim to be 70 people, but in and around Kilgore and Nenzel there are 230 or more people.

What follows is a condensed version of Marsh’s testimony.

“It has just come to me that this board has quite an opportunity. People say that the Cherry County Wind members are the minority, and that you should be voting with the majority.

“But if you look at it in another respect, the people who would be affected by the small project at Kilgore, yes, they all are very, very important, but they are very small in number. They are way smaller in number than the people of Cherry County Wind that could be denied to give this a trial.

“You can watch and wait. You can see if it ruins the environment. You can see if the taxes come in like they are supposed to, if the electricity ... . You’ve got an awesome opportunity here, with something very, very small, affecting a very small part of Cherry County. Let it be built. It either works right or it doesn’t.

“I’m just going to offer my hope that you consider this as an opportunity, a learning opportunity, with very, very little of the county affected and see if we can make this work. If it doesn’t work, no more wind turbines. If it does, see what the opportunity brings.”

Do we sacrifice 230 people for 70 investors so the investors can conduct their experiment on people who do not want them?

Carolyn Semin, Kilgore