Nebraska Sens. Deb Fisher and Ben Sasse were supportive Wednesday of the U.S. Senate’s vote to allocate $4.59 billion to care for migrant children and reduce the stress on U.S. immigration facilities at the Mexico border.

“This package will improve care for unaccompanied children and assist in expanding the crowded shelter facilities. I urge the House to quickly pass this bill so we can provide these desperately needed resources to stabilize this crisis,” Fisher said.

Sasse understands that Congress no longer can ignore the humanitarian crisis.

“We’ve got two responsibilities at the border: First, we need to detain people long enough to separate legitimate asylum seekers from drug runners, human traffickers and illegal immigrants; second, we have a moral obligation to treat these people — especially children and their families — humanely,” Sasse said.

The Senate’s funding will hire additional immigration judges so asylum cases are heard faster. Resources for law enforcement and public health officials at the border are included. The House needs to pass its border aid bill immediately, and then both houses need to get serious about immigration reform.