I read on May 28: "Real Green New Deal doesn’t belong to AOC (Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York)." The article does an excellent job of summarizing a new 38-page, detailed Green New Deal clean energy plan from Washington’s Gov. Jay Inslee. One thing I’d like to add is the fact that this new plan could do more than pay for itself, allowing for a rapid transition to clean energy with massive economic benefits.

Most of the money would come from private investment. About $900 billion annually until 2030 would come from private investment. The rest, $300 billion annually, could, and should be paid for by the fossil fuel mega-corporations that knowingly caused the climate crisis, according to Scientific American. Canada’s been doing this successfully for a decade, according to The Guardian.

There’s already a bill in Congress that would do the same here: H.R.763, "Carbon Dividends" (citizensclimatelobby.org). The Congressional Budget Office scoring says it would add $350 billion annually to U.S. GDP. It also would create 8 million good-paying, local, permanent, 40-year green jobs. Also, by rapidly scaling up solar and wind energy, it would make them "essentially free by 2030 (Financial Times, UBS, August 2018).

Most importantly, of course, it would make the kinds of greenhouse gas emissions plans that would prevent "catastrophic" climate change saving the U.S. from "global economic collapse" and "societal collapse" (National Academy of Sciences). Just a half-degree increase in global temperatures would cost the U.S. economy $13 trillion and we’re already locked into at least a 1.5 degree increase.

Pete Kuntz, Northglenn, Colo.