Farmers and farm communities have faced numerous challenges since the March flooding. Cattle producers have seen large portions of their herds swept downstream. Landowners have witnessed the horror of fertile river bottom land covered in sand. Because of continuing rainfall, some crop producers still have been unable to get into their fields to plant their 2019 crops.

Even alfalfa producers face a dilemma. They’re wise to wait for rainy weather to move on. If they don’t wait until the rains go away they risk seeing their cut alfalfa wet and rotting in the field.

It definitely has been one of the toughest years a lot of people can remember.

But it also has been time of great empathy and generosity. Some farmers are down on their luck, but many of those who can help are helping, and so are many farm businesses and organizations.

We were reminded of Nebraskans’ hang-tough-together spirit this week as Nebraska Farm Bureau announced it was accepting applications for a second round of assistance.

Remarkably, the Nebraska Farm Bureau Disaster Relief Fund has $2.5 million, so there’s monetary assistance for those in the deepest need.

“Applications are welcome and encouraged from new and repeat applicants,” Farm Bureau said in its announcement.

The $2.5 million in the relief fund will go 100 percent to help farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Even people who received assistance on the first go-round of relief distributions are eligible to apply again.

“During this second round, we will be asking for more detailed information to help us better evaluate remaining needs and where our fund can help the most,” said Megahn Schafer, executive director of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation. To donate, apply for assistance or access other disaster resources, visit