A rose to ... home ownership. It remains among the best moves individuals and couples can make because houses normally appreciate in value — and in hot real estate markets — they appreciate at a rate that’s usually higher than the inflation rate. If getting more for your money is important, buying a home not only delivers the satisfaction and peace of mind of ownership, it also puts your money to work for you.

Rather than handing your income to a landlord, you’re plowing it back into something that will help your financial standing in the long term.

According to RefiGuide.org, in 2018 median home values increased by 7.2 percent nationally compared to the prior year. That means someone whose home was worth $100,000 last year now owns a home that’s worth $7,200 more this year. RefiGuide said Nebraska ranks 15th nationally in the appreciation of home values.

A rose to ... the Federal Aviation Administration, especially its staff in south-central Nebraska. Monday evening, powerful storms damaged FAA weather equipment at Kearney Regional Airport, forcing the cancellation of flights until the equipment was repaired. That didn’t take long. The necessary part was overnighted to Kearney and an FAA repair crew was dispatched from Grand Island.

By midday Wednesday, the Kearney airport’s weather equipment was back in working order and so was commercial air service from Kearney to Denver.

Operated by SkyWest Airlines, the United Express flights from Kearney on 50-passenger jetliners continue to set passenger records, prompting the airline to add another flight on Sundays. Travelers have responded so favorably that thoughts now are turning to adding flights to a hub other than Denver. Additionally, the city of Kearney, which owns the terminal, has added space for more free parking. Upgrades for the terminal will ease passenger handling at check-in time.

A raspberry to ... indecision. As rain continues to dampen our lawns and fields, it’s tough to decide whether to feel grateful for all the moisture or to complain about it. Naturally, a person who discovers seepage in the basement isn’t going to feel as happy about the precipitation as a farmer whose corn is up and reaching toward the clouds, thanks to the bountiful rainfall. Folks who live in the country may be happy about their crops, but until the rain lets up, gravel country roads will remain problematic. We pity the county road crews contending with the situation.

It’s times like these when we must decide which we prefer: Multiple rainstorms each week, or drought that drags on for months. Pick your poison, but don’t expect Mother Nature to do anything about it.