I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a Southerner. I don’t know which of my neighbors complained that I hung up a confederate flag, but I do know the person who complained is uninformed. Do you know much about the history of our country?

I called the apartment manager before I hung my flag.

Our U.S. Constitution has the First Amendment, and that gives us the freedom of speech.

That flag to me represents the history that makes us what we are today. I was flying it on the Confederate Memorial Day. I was planning to take down the flag at sunset that day.

I don’t see how the writing on my flag could be offensive to you because it only said, "It’s a Southern thing. Y’all wouldn’t understand," and most people wouldn’t.

I fly the American flag every other day because it gives us our freedom. Please study our history.

Jan Land, Kearney