Bubbles “Bubs” Means, a 23-month-old crayfish of Kearney, died Thursday, July 4, in the comfort of his home. Bubbles was hatched in the summer of 2017 in a nearby river. He first met his mother, Ella Means, during a class project at Kenwood Elementary School. Only a handful of crayfish visited that classroom, but each needed a place to live once the school project was complete. A signed note came home asking for permission to “include your child’s name in a crayfish lottery.”

Ella’s mom signed the note, thinking her name would never be drawn.

It was.

Bubbles was adopted by Ella in the fall of 2017. He was timid at first, unaware of his new surroundings, but his mom made it her mission to protect and love him.

Bubbles was a strong survivor, and beat the odds even when critics said he wouldn’t live. Many students told his mother that “most crayfish die within the first week in their new habitat,” but his mom refused to give up.

She purchased a plastic container for the base of his new home. Ella’s dad drilled holes in the top for Bubbles to receive adequate air, and Ella picked out various rocks and other objects to help him feel at home.

He enjoyed listening to music, sitting in a dark room, hiding under rocks, eating a piece of cat food each day and hanging out with his mom. He also liked to freak out his family by shedding his skin and turning odd colors.

Bubbles was well-loved, well-cared for and will be missed.

He was buried in the backyard, near the pink coneflowers. His mom decorated a tombstone to mark his grave for future visits.

Bubs is survived by his mother, Ella Means of Kearney; grandparents, Kyle and Leslie Means of Kearney; aunt, Grace Means of Kearney; uncle, Keithan Means of Kearney, great-grandparents, great-aunts and great-cousins, too. He likely has many siblings still surviving as well.


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