As a Nebraska farmer and president of the Nebraska Sugarbeet Growers Association it was unsettling to read a letter in the Kearney Hub by a Washington, D.C. lobbyist, Nick Pyle, attacking Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., for supporting our Nebraska and U.S. farmers.

Let’s be clear. Pyle’s agenda is to drive American sugar farmers out of business in favor of subsidized foreign farmers. Let me remind everyone why Fischer does what’s right for our farmers and consumers:.

Our industry provides a $397-million economic impact to the state. Nebraska alone has six sugar distribution centers. Nearly 11,500 people are employed by the industry, representing almost 10 percent of the sugar jobs in the country. Sugar policy operates at zero-cost to taxpayers (no subsidy checks), keeps prices to consumers well below the average price around the world and ensures that highly efficient U.S. farmers and workers are able to compete against foreign countries, where sugar is subsidized and dumped in the global market below their cost of production.

This is why Fischer works to advocate in Washington for us and her constituents. She should be applauded for supporting sugar policy.

In the future, we should be more careful before allowing outsiders with an anti-American farmer agenda to tell Nebraskans what’s important to the people who live and work here.

Kendall Busch, Scottsbluff