Let’s face it… the world loves diamonds. There’s a little something special that gives him a sense of pride when he sees that little glimmering rock perched on her hand or the way the light catches her ear-lobes just right as she takes one last look in the mirror before heading out for the day. Diamonds have been fascinating us for so long that many of us don’t realize what amazing details go into the creation of each stone or why we search the world-over for the best that we can find.

Antwerp, Belgium, is a town steeped in history and holds a unique charm that reflects directly on its diamond trade. Antwerp, known as the Diamond Capitol of the World, has been a central trading point for over 500 years. Every year I travel to Antwerp, I’m rewarded with the same sight time and time again: Stepping onto the cobblestones in Antwerp’s Diamond District is a strong mix of Old-World tradition with modern day bustle. An Orthodox Jewish man sporting his top hat, side curls, and long black coat zooms past on his bicycle while holding a briefcase full of what is anyone’s best guess. He parks his bike while feverishly speaking Hebrew into his cell phone, pulls open a door to the Diamond Exchange Building and within seconds is whisked away into an elevator to a non-descript office space floors above the city streets. This is just one of many scenes that I encounter as I make my mark entering the Diamond District.

The Antwerp Diamond District contains an assembly of cutters, sorters, traders, buyers… all of whom have a passion for the diamond industry that is reflected in the quality and uncompromising integrity that goes into their everyday acts of doing business. This dedication to professionalism and innovation is what allows the Diamond District to thrive. We at Hawthorne Jewelry also work with this same philosophy.


The simple answer: to exceed your expectations.

I know each of my customers has a story. I want YOUR story to SHINE. We work hard to make you shine!

I have always had a personal interest in travel and seeking out uniqueness. Thankfully, I also have a job that allows me to explore and learn… and to bring the best of big-city opportunities back to small-town middle America. Providing exceptional quality and value is what we do, it’s what we all do every day, and Hawthorne Jewelry has made it a priority to take it a step further by going the extra lengths to surprise and delight each and every person who chooses to work with us. We offer legendary service and provide personal and exclusive experiences that are unsurpassed in this market.

• We are a family-owned business that has been built on integrity and has continued to thrive by offering exceptional personal experiences for 139 years. By staying innovative and continually growing our passion, we have developed close relationships with diamond merchants that have been carefully selected and share the same passion for our business as well as meet our standards of excellence.

• We act as Direct Diamond Importers, giving us access to expansive inventories of loose diamonds guaranteed to be natural origin and cleanly sourced.

• Our world-wide connections allow us to maximize your budget and specifications by sourcing the most beautiful diamond possible. The value we offer is more than the savings your pocketbook will enjoy!

• Our relationships allow us the opportunity to search for the highest quality diamonds while taking advantage of the most affordable pricing available in the world.


Most people don’t know that the crystal structure of a diamond can make a significant difference in the appearance and beauty of a diamond – even if the color, clarity and cut grade are exactly the same! We look beyond the paper and bring home the best value available! This can be a difference of thousands of dollars!

Our goal is to make this easy for you. You simply give us your budget and diamond specifications and we will guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations. Hawthorne Jewelry is Central Nebraska’s only personal jeweler to provide this unique experience. We will shop for and hand select the diamond of your dreams… then, bring it back especially for you! We want to be your Personal Jeweler and we want to be your Direct Diamond Importer.

We also offer an in-store jewelry design program, financing and a Bench Jeweler available for stone setting and all repair work! Our 139 years and growing customer base continue to fuel our growth and carry us into the future. Our objective is to set the bar higher and exceed your expectations every time. Our European partners help us succeed by offering world-class selection, the finest quality, latest innovations and superior value.

If a new diamond is in the horizon for you, I’d love the opportunity to speak with and work for you!

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