Has Grandma’s wedding ring been tucked away in a box at the bottom of a dresser drawer for far too long? She’s probably rolling over thinking about how lonely her ring is… after all, SHE wore that thing every day for 57 years! Never mind that the prongs are worn out, the shank too thin to size and the style just not up to your taste… but really, it’s Grandma’s ring. And she was pretty fantastic… and the memories you have when you open up that box… oh my!

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve always thought family jewelry is the best kind of jewelry to have… what stories jewelry would tell, if only! In my 21 years of working at the jewelry store, re-designing old, worn out pieces is by far one of my favorite things to do! The possibilities are endless and the designs are always specific to each of my client’s tastes.

I have so many stories of pieces that we’ve created using inherited stones, re-working out of date jewelry or even just creating a new piece with new hand-selected stones. In this age of technology, having exactly what you want is an easy thing to do, starting with Custom Design!


Custom design is probably the most exciting part of giving and receiving jewelry! It is creating and bringing to life an expression of commitment, your love, your dreams... your unique creation!

If you just cannot find what you've envisioned in our stock, we can design it for you and bring your vision to life.

If you have an idea, we want to see it! Whether it’s a sketch on a napkin, a photo saved on your phone or simply an idea just beginning to take form in your head, we can begin with anything… or nothing… whatever works best for you!

This is how we do it:


Our jewelers are artists. They are craftsmen. And are talented and skilled and experienced. And most of all, we are able to interpret your needs and wants, converting that into a special piece of jewelry designed to fit you perfectly. Your design should suit your personal style, your lifestyle, your budget and your time frame. If we can't do that, we will tell you so, right at the start, so we don’t waste your time! We also won't reduce the quality or weight of the materials to suit a budget to the point that it affects the integrity and beauty of the ring. Although we hate to admit it, there is a limit to the magic that we make. We are limited by the market costs of precious metals and fine gemstones... but, we do do our best to work within your budget.


We will meet with you during working hours or by private appointment to begin to define your design. First on paper, then by way of CAD Technology (Computer Aided Design) or by wax if needed. There is a non-refundable design fee for this service, usually ranging from $100 - $300, depending upon the complexity of your design, that will be applied to the final costs of creating your piece once approval is given. We can even show you what a ring will look like on a virtual hand so you can get a sense of the real proportions!


At the point that you approve your design, we will be able to quote you an exact metal weight and number/size of gemstones and diamonds, if any. The labor for finishing and assembling the mounting and the labor for setting any stones and detailing the mounting will also be included. All of this translates into a final estimate that is within $150.00, depending on the market price on the day you make your deposit. We require one-half down on deposit, with the balance paid on delivery.


If you have a piece of jewelry that you love and want to modify slightly, our personal jewelers will work with you to redesign it and make it look like a brand new piece. If you have an old wedding set and want to reset your diamonds in a new mounting, we can do that, too! Our skilled jewelers take pride in their craftsmanship and can reassure you that the results will be above and beyond your expectations.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you if you are dreaming of a new design… bring in any old jewelry you may have and visit with us today!

Hawthorne Jewelry also is proud to have a professional, on-site jewelry repair center that can do just about anything. Steen Kendle is our Bench Jeweler Technician and has over 16 years experience in jewelry repair. We use innovative technology, such as Laser Welders, to provide the highest level satisfaction for your jewery.

We also offer:

• Complimentary Cleaning

• Expert Evaluation & repair

• Diamond Setting

• Heirloom Restoration

• Soldering chains, rings, etc.

• Switch out clasps / provide locking ear backs

• Setting or Re-setting of Diamonds & Gemstones

• Pearl Restrining

• So much more... Come see us today!

We strive to meet your needs... because Hawthorne Jewelry offers the professional services that you'd expect from an established jeweler. If you have special requests that you don't see listed here, please give us a call (or better yet, stop in!) today. We will do our best to provide you with the results you seek.

Hawthorne Jewelry is your personal custom jeweler, offering you personal, custom, jewelry!