KHS Scoreboard

Two video boards have replaced the old scoreboards at the Kearney High School gym. The boards will provide in-game information as well as sponsorship advertising and videos and graphics produced by Kearney High students. The video boards have already been used by classes as a teaching tool

KEARNEY — Spectators at Thursday night’s Kearney High volleyball season opener may have trouble focusing on the game.

Two new digital ScoreVision scoreboards will vie for their attention at the Kearney High gym.

“They’re up and they’re working,” said KHS athletic director Ryan Hogue, who vows that they will enhance the game experience.

The two boards, essentially large television screens, keep track of score, time, in-game statistics and other essential information while providing sponsor advertising and videos. Just what all they can do is limited only by imagination.

“They’re capable of a lot, but we have to make sure we don’t do too much,” Hogue said.

Both boards have been hung in the same location as the old scoreboards, which have been handed down to the middle schools to fill their needs for many years. The board on the west end of the gym is 16 feet by 9 feet. The board on the east end is 10x7.

The boards have been getting daily use during classes and practices. At the pep rally on the first day of school, an anti-bullying video was shown along with a video showing Kearney High highlights from last year.

The volleyball team has used the boards to film practice with immediate replays to make corrections. Plays can be drawn up on a tablet while being shown on the boards.

“They’re like a clipboard. Draw it up on the iPad, kids can see it on the boards,” Hogue said. “Anything you can show with an iPad, you can move it up on the boards.”

Physical education classes have the capability of showing a game or exercise on the boards to demonstrate to the students the proper methods.

In addition, the media productions class can utilize the boards for broadcast and advertising productions and students can create graphics for in-game use.

“The kids are doing hands-on work in an area where they can go on and get a job,” Hogue said.

The boards also generate revenue through advertising and sponsorships. Hogue said Kearney High created about $18,000 in advertising and sponsorship revenue last year.

“We weren’t getting a lot out of our ads ... I felt we could do it a lot better than that,” Hogue said.

Hogue said he has lined up more than 20 sponsors paying at least $2,000 per year, and he hopes to get a few more. The contracts include exposure at other venues including Foster Field and Patriot Park.


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