Last week I wrote a column about Nebraska adding a multiplier and why it wouldn’t work. At the time I didn’t know about the Success Rule.

By my understanding, the Success Rule is if you have any amount of success over a four-year period in any sport in any class, you are awarded 10 points each year, and will be asked — by the Nebraska Schools Activities Association — to move up a class regardless of enrollment.

This is like playing with matches around gasoline.


It’s actually simple to understand. When three of the six districts of the NSAA voted in favor of the Success Rule on Jan. 13, they said it would “level out the playing field.” Bear in mind, they actually haven’t said yes or no to the rule, yet. The final vote will actually take place in April.

Here’s what I can tell you: It won’t work.

I’m all for change. However, to punish a school like Kearney Catholic or Hastings St. Cecelia or Grand Island Central Catholic for having too much success is, well, really insane.

Sure, they’ve had their runs. Kearney Catholic in volleyball and girls basketball. St. Cecelia in boys basketball, football, girls basketball and volleyball. Not to forget the heyday GICC had in volleyball.

When you really dig in deep, the only program that will truly be affected the most is Omaha Skutt Catholic in wrestling. It is the true power when it comes to wrestling in Class B, so moving it up is no hard task.

It is probably wanting to test the waters a little bit.

The question then becomes at the D1-D2 level in football. How will the state handle the success of a Guardian Angels Central Catholic, or Humphrey St. Francis, Lourdes Central Catholic or Falls City Sacred Heart?

How will these teams be able to compete at the C2 level? The answer is, they won’t.

The roster sizes vary from school to school and I’m very aware of this.

Take Ravenna, for example. It had to make the switch from 11-man to 8-man this past fall. It didn’t have the numbers to play 11-man.

If a team doesn’t have the numbers, especially at the D1 or D2 levels, will those teams forfeit games?

This system, whenever it gets put into place, will have its loopholes. Every system has its loopholes, and schools will find a way to get around them, like they always do.

However, success is a two-way street. This won’t affect just the non-public schools, either. It will, in all fairness, affect every school in the state.

For example, look at Wilber-Clatonia and the success it has had over the years in football. Look at the success McCook has had in football. Will moving McCook up to Class A really help or hurt McCook?

It will hurt McCook, seeing they’d have a hard time getting Class A teams to drive all the way out to McCook for a game.

The biggest and most glaring flaw to me is how will the Success Rule affect those in Class A? I mean, if you think about it, Omaha Creighton Prep, Millard North, Millard West, Omaha North, etc. How will those schools be affected?

They, really and truthfully, can have all the success they want and not get punished for it since they won’t be able to move up a class. Unless, though, NSAA decides to go the route of a Super Class like Alabama did a few years ago.

With all this being said, the NSAA will look back at this and realize the mistake it is about to make.

Yes, I said it, mistake.


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