Trent Hixson

Trent Hixson, a walk-on from Omaha Skutt, could start on the Husker offensive line this season.

We're getting you ready for the start of training camp with several pieces breaking down various parts of the Husker football team.

Nebraska’s rich tradition of walk-ons — including those who earn scholarships — means each training camp offers a chance for several pay-their-own-way Huskers to make their mark.

Here are five walk-ons, listed alphabetically, who could do that in 2019.

* * *

Left guard Trent Hixson

The frontrunner to win the left guard spot hails from Omaha Skutt, a team known for toughness. Hixson is definitely tough. He’s also big. At 6-4, 310 pounds, he’s not the typical walk-on who had to gain 50 pounds just to compete. How did he not get more Power Five scholarship offers?

Linebacker Joseph Johnson

He’s either in or close to the two-deep at inside linebacker, a physical position where guys can get banged up. The Gretna graduate is 6-3, 240 pounds — great size for a redshirt freshman walk-on — and should play quite a bit on special teams.

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Running back Wyatt Mazour

A helpful senior voice in a position group without much experience or seasoned leadership. Mazour will set the tone for three newcomers — Dedrick Mills, Ronald Thompkins, Rahmir Johnson — and sophomore Washington, whose future is unknown because of legal issues. Mazour is on special teams, too, and should help with the overall culture of the locker room.

Pick a punter

Most likely, it’ll be senior Isaac Armstrong. But former Michigan State punter William Przystup, still a freshman, transferred to Nebraska for a reason. He’s the next guy in line after starting four games for the Spartans last season. He probably would have started for Michigan State this season. Armstrong may hold the edge as a left-footer, because lefties kick a hard-to-catch ball.

Wide receiver Kade Warner

He’ll likely be one of the top four or five receivers, and the vocal leader at that position. Warner could also be a long-term walk-on, given that his father, Kurt Warner, has done exceedingly well financially as a hall of fame quarterback. Kade has probably earned a scholarship, though. He knows every position, doesn’t drop passes and will willingly block on any down. NU is lucky to have inherited him.