Adrian Martinez

Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez liked how the offense attacked Sunday's scrimmage against the defense. 

It's been pretty common knowledge that, for the majority of spring camp and training camp, Nebraska's defense has flexed its muscles over the offense. That's often common, too, since no defense knows the Husker offense like the Husker defense would. 

But Sunday's big scrimmage was different. And quarterback Adrian Martinez — who led several scoring drives with the No. 1 unit — was excited about it. 

"The offense had a really good day," Martinez said. "Really competitive. Happy to get out there and see some live action for some of the guys. I think it was a good showing. The aggression that the offense came out with — we were ready to go from the jump." 

Martinez said a second year in the offense has grown the team's comfort with it, and the wide receiver room can take more of a "committee" approach rather than Martinez having to rely so much on two receivers, as he did last season with Stanley Morgan and JD Spielman. 

"It's real competitive in that room right now," Martinez said of the receivers. Offensive coordinator and receivers coach Troy Walters said he could play as many as seven or eight guys. 

One of them wouldn't be Luke McCaffrey, the true freshman quarterback who's clearly athletic enough to be a wideout — he was a good one in high school — and doesn't appear to have a clear path to a starting quarterback job so long as Martinez is healthy and at Nebraska. 

But McCaffrey — the only true freshman to talk to the NU media in spring or summer — said he's never been asked, not once, to play receiver. 

"I'm very thankful for that," McCaffrey said. "The coaching staff stayed true to their word. That's what they told me in the recruiting process, and nothing blinked. I can say that about every single coach, too, which is awesome." 

Still, McCaffrey committed to Nebraska before Martinez had played a game, and he could see that Martinez was really good through the 2018 season, so he knew it'd be hard to win the starting job when he arrived on campus. 

"My mission is to always compete and try to be the best player I can be personally while uplifting the team around me," McCaffrey said. "That's kind of the mission that doesn't change ... the idea of competition should always be on a quarterback's mind, especially. Every quarterback in this room should want to be the starter. We can do that in an awesome manner." 

Martinez said McCaffrey is a "bright young kid with lots of talent." 

"He's fast and he can throw the ball," Martinez said. "But I think it's going to be a process for him. Making that jump is tough for a lot of people." 

More notes from Wednesday's chat with the offense: 

» Martinez said center Will Farniok is much bigger physically thanks to a strong commitment in the weight room. 

» NU running backs coach Ryan Held said he's worked with running back Dedrick Mills on trying to run around defenders on occasion instead of running over each one of them. 

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