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Star Student of the Month
Star Student of the Month, sponsored by Eaton, is a monthly feature recognizing the Star Students of our community. The Star Student of the Month is selected from public nominations via the below Nomination Form. The Star Student will be featured prominently on print, online, email and video components monthly.

To nominate a Star Student fill out the below nomination form and provide your basic contact information, and a brief synopsis of why you feel your student should be recognized. A committee of judges will then read through nominations each month, and announce the winner publicly in the Hub print edition, on, and also in a video interview monthly.
The winner of the Star Student of the month will receive a prize package valued up to $100 from Eaton! Send us your Star Student nomination today!

The Star Student of the month will be recognized for demonstrating core Eaton Values & Philosophy behaviors in their activities, volunteerism and/or work or hobbies. These behaviors include the following:
  • Respect - We treat each other with respect.
  • Integrity - We are fair, honest and ethical.
  • Dignity - We honor the pride and self-esteem of others.
  • Trust- We have confidence in the reliability of others to do the right thing.
  • Environment & Communities - We strive to improve and be considerate of the environment and our communities.
  • Accountability - We keep our commitments.
  • Excellence - We strive for excellence.
  • Inclusion - We value individual differences.
  • Communication - We communicate openly and honestly.
  • Learning - We continuously learn, grow and change.

Your Information
Enter name of school of student you are nominating.
Enter grade of student you are nominating.
Choose one Eaton Value/Philosophy that best applies to the nominee
Please provide the reason why he or she deserves this month's Star Student of the Month recognition including hobbies, volunteer work, and extra curricular activities.
If you have a photo of your student nomination, please attach it here. Please upload a JPEG file (.jpg or .jpeg)
Enter the Phone Number of Parent/Guardian of Star Student Nomination (for interview purposes only)
Enter the Email of Parent/Guardian of Star Student Nomination (for interview purposes only)
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