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Military service is among the most meaningful ways to protect American democracy. Generations of men and women form a core part of this nation’s identity: Sacrifice to uphold the freedom of others. We want to honor them by asking veterans and their families to share their stories.We will publish the names, branch of service and years of service in a special online gallery at no charge. And, for a small fee, their name and photo will be included in a special newspaper insert on Saturday, November 9. A commemorative wall plaque is also available. The Kearney Hub may also profile some of those veterans to tell their stories of service. If you are a veteran or family member and would like to participate, please fill out the fields below.

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Online Gallery

All veterans will be listed in the free online gallery. To be included in the Nov 9 special section, or for a plaque, choose:

Price: $ 18.00

Price: $ 34.50


If purchasing a plaque; in 25 - 30 words tell us your message to the veteran.

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